Small Business Bookkeeping in Houston

It is important for any sized business to keep current, well-organized books. Notorious for being a long and complicated task, bookkeeping sometimes gets pushed aside despite its importance in business operations. CK Business Consulting & Tax offers professional bookkeeping services for your business and can get you back on the right track.

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Premium Bookkeeping Services from CK Business Consulting & Tax

We offer a full range of premium bookkeeping services that checks all the boxes. Our bookkeepers will:

  • Process your employees’ payroll
  • Handle tax and audit preparation
  • Create a chart of accounts
  • Prepare the trial balance
  • Balance and record daily sales
  • Monitor changes and inventory
  • Detect financial fraud
  • Perform month-end closings
  • Budget for expenses and goals
  • Reconcile your bank account

Small Business Accounting Services: Taking Control of Your Books

Our certified bookkeepers have some of the best suggestions and advice for maintaining your books. Our methods will end up saving you both time and money.

Analyze Bank Statements

As a business owner, you should be going through all your transactions regularly. Our bookkeepers will make sure that at the minimum, your bank statements match your other business accounts. We will compare all your accounts to one another to make sure they add up and balance.

Delegate Transaction Handlers

Spread out the responsibility between your best employees to accept payments and record them. You should also spread out other bookkeeping tasks such as recording day end totals and invoices. This will introduce a system of checks and balances that could prevent errors in data entry, as well as fraud or theft.

Record Transactions

Make sure that you are recording every single transaction that your business is involved in. Even if you simply place receipts in a folder that can be later organized, it is crucial for us to have this information to balance books, and as evidence in case of an audit.

Benefits of Hiring Our Certified Bookkeepers

Our experience in bookkeeping and accounting services means that we will be able to correct your books quickly and efficiently, all while ensuring that future errors don’t occur. Here is a list of advantages our services can have on your business:

Numerical Clarification:

It is difficult to understand how a certain sum is or should be calculated. Even with bookkeeping software, an expert is needed to clarify exactly how totals were formed. Our professional bookkeepers can pinpoint exact sums and clarify any questions you may have.

Error-Free Data Entry:

In addition to numerical clarification, our bookkeepers can make sure that your books are in proper standing order with every visit. This means that we will be able to identify any mistakes or areas that need immediate attention before it’s too late.

Tax Filing Preparation:

During tax filing, your books will be legible to both the person who does your taxes and any potential auditors.

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