Cost Segregation in Conroe

If you purchased a commercial property within the last 25-39 years you could be eligible for CK Business Consulting and Tax’s cost segregation services.

Cost segregation is useful if you’ve made any repairs or replacements on your commercial property. As your property gets older, so do key parts of its daily functioning. Usually, these break down much quicker than the building itself. Using a professional cost segregation service can allow you to access money that these repairs cost you.

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Commercial Property Depreciation

There are several types of depreciable commercial properties that are eligible for cost segregation services. As cost segregation is permitted up to 20 years after purchase, more and more of our clients are coming forward asking for our expert advice. Here are a few examples of the more common types of properties we’ve worked with:

  • Shops
  • Motels and hotels
  • Commercial rental properties
  • Diners, restaurants, coffee shops
  • Elderly care homes
  • Medical offices, clinics
  • Banks, offices
  • Factories

Causes of Commercial Building and Property Depreciation

Continual use of the property over time will cause natural and inevitable damage to several features. The replacement and maintenance of them can go directly towards your cost segregation claim. Our clients are usually shocked at the backlog of deductions we can help the claim. Here are a few examples of quickly depreciated items:

  • Flooring, carpets, tile flooring
  • Cabinetry
  • Windows, doors, frames
  • Insulation, roofing
  • Concrete, asphalt, parking lots, and hardscape
  • Electric wiring, light switches, lighting, outlets
  • HVAC systems
  • Plumbing, hot water boilers, toilets, sinks
  • Technology

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Our Four-Step Cost Segregation Process

We have experience with cost segregation with multiple companies and industries so we are able to process your unique situation using a few general guidelines.

  1. Inspection: the first part of starting your cost segregation study is to assess your commercial property in its current state. A professional inspection will produce a more reliable analysis of what you’ve put into your property already and what you can claim.
  2. Appraisal: Once the inspection has been completed, every part of your commercial business will be appraised. Placing a numerical value on every asset will show where the depreciation is coming from in the final report.
  3. Classification: When we analyze the inspection of your property, we strategically categorize it into its right tax classifications. Having this well-organized means that your cost segregation process will be easier. You’ll also be better prepared in case of an audit.
  4. Cost Segregation Result Schedule: One of the most valuable parts of our cost segregation process is providing you with a cost segregation result schedule. This is essentially a report that will show you where you’re eligible to legally defer state and federal taxes on your property.

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